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Schmid, a competitor with his AC Bristol can cast his vote. His vote goes to a beautiful blue Frazer Nash Targa Florio of the mid-'50s. This selection also shows Schmid's knowledge of vintage car collecting,IWC Ingenieur Replica as only 14 Targa Florios were made for endurance races like the Sebring 12 Hours. These cars were made with lightweight alloy bodies, parallel tube frames and 6-cylinder engines that produced 120 horsepower. This car is considered a collector's item.

Schmid says, "I love the fact that these events are simultaneously internationally renowned and intimate." In an hour, you can walk around and see all the cars. It is an amazing thing to have a vintage vehicle competition where Prince Michael of Kent is the patron.

We watch him, the Hampton Court Concourse d'Elegance patron, strut in a graceful manner along the lawn, accompanied by his entourage, as he speaks.

He stops before a Rolls Royce that was made for a Maharaj, equipped with shotguns and possibly for killing tigers. Schmid says, "Everything is changing so quickly in the world. All objects are built with the possibility of obsolescence. This creates a feeling of unease within the soul. You feel connected to perenniality when you walk or drive an older car without any electronic aids.

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It's the same when you put on your Lange watch. The Lange 1 and the Datograph are celebrating their 25th anniversary in this year, and they are still relevant today. It dawns on you,omega replica in this environment full of incredible vintage machines, that a Lange, or any Lange, will fulfill you in a way which dispels the neurosis that temporal impermanence is awash in, and connects with eternity. This is Henri Mazel's theory that two entities empower each other. One human and one mechanical can be more than the sum of their parts.

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